Student Appearance Rules which determined by Universiti Putra Malaysia are mentioned as below:

  1. All the students should follow the dressing cultures as the community of Malaysia. As the future group of intellectual for the country, students should always practice a clean, tidy, and manners dressing in the campus.
  2. Students are not allowed to have dressing which has less coverage of the body and mask the face.
  3. Students have to obey all the instruction and dressing cultures which has determined by faculty/ center/ department, especially in lab or field of plantation, while meeting with university officer and the time of being practical or lecturing and others.
  4. The male students with short hairs only are allowed to register. Anyone who obey the rules will be treated as the commencement of the fules of university. Students are also prohibited to have hair dye, which different from their original hair colours.
  5. Student Appearance Rules:
    • Students should have appropriate wearing entires which compatible as the image as a university students, with showing the tidyness, cleanliness and manners.
    • Students must show manners in their wearing entires (formal shirt, T-collar, shoes, long pants, long skirts which under the level of knees).
    • Students are not allowed to have tight dress up (e.g. lagging or slim fit) which showing clearly of their body figures or mask their face (mini skirt which shorten up above the level of knees, T-shirt without collar, sleeveless shirt, slim-fit pants/skirt, sandals, shabby or pierced jeans for males and over-bottom jeans for females) at following venue:
      • Lecture hall 
      • Laboratory
      • Administration office
      • Faculty and studies center
      • Library
      • University Medical Center
      • Residential colleges
    • During any official meeting or in any lecture hall is not allowed to wear the cap.
    • All these instructions for students are not obey any rules which has determined by any faculty or department respectively for any purposes.



Students are our clients. We promised to provide our best service if student can obey the ethics for student image. Otherwise, the student will not be entertained for any services as the violencing of the ethics at all service counter, office, main hall, lecture hall, tutorial room, library and laboratory in UPM.


You only be entertained if : You will NOT entertained if :

1. Showing your matric card

2. Tidy hair dress as the following:

  • Short hair cut for gentlemen
  • Tidy hair dress for ladies


3. Tidy and manners dress code
    as the following:

  • Formal wears
  • T-collar
  • Baju kurung
  • Long pants
  • Long skirt over level of knees
  • Shoes

1. Tidak mempamerkan kad matrik

2. Untidy hair dress as the following:

  • Long hair cut for gentlemen
  • Untidy hair dress for ladies
  • Hair dye


3. Inmanners dress code as the following:

  • Expose the body figures
  • Short pants
  • Short/ mini skirt
  • Slippers or sandals
  • Shabby or pierced jeans


Sources of References: Guidelines for Student Appearance

Updated:: 17/08/2018 [zulkif]