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A Day with Alumni (ADWA) 7.0



A Day with Alumni (ADWA) 7.0 was held on November 12, 2021 (Friday), and involved two invited panels, namely Ms. Noorazeaty Maulad binti Mohd Khalif and Mr. Muhammad Hafizul bin Yusran. They are alumni from Kolej Kedua and KOSASS who graduated from UPM and alumni class of 2019. The topic discussed was "Membina Empayar Perniagaan dalam Meniti Arus Pemodenan" with an entrepreneurship theme. The discussion between the panels began with a brief overview of the panel companies' backgrounds, as well as their plans for establishing their business. Ms. Noorazeaty is the founder of Delish Chocolate and also a financial advisor. Mr. Hafizul, on the other hand, is the founder and manager of the Ready to Cook Grocer (R2C) company. Based on this sharing, we can see that these two panels' interest and efforts in the field of enterprise from the university era until now can have a significant impact on their ability to successfully manage and establish their own business.



Next, the discussion continued with each panels sharing the difficulties they encountered while establishing their respective businesses. Mr. Hafizul and Ms. Zeaty stated that they believed the most difficult challenge they would face was the competitors in their industry. However, both panels were optimistic about the situation, promising to work harder and always think creatively and critically when developing their business. Based on what these panels said, we can conclude that if we always think positively, positive things will come to us and we will be able to move forward in the future.


Furthermore, this programme has achieved the targeted objectives and was successfully carried out smoothly from the cooperation of all parties. Most of the respondents from the participants stated that they got a lot of good information for future use. However, there were some improvements from the participants such as the panel programme should have good internet access, invite more panels and add time for question and answer sessions.

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